YAC Winners page

2015 Winner, Sofia Tong, viola

Debussy String Quartet

2014 Winner, Christopher Rogers-Beadle, viola

Mozart String Quintet, K 516

2013 Winner, Sammy Andonian, violin

Haydn String Quartet Op 33, No. 1

2012 Winner, Jake Thonis, bassoon

​Devienne Quartet in C Major

2011 Winner, Zlatomir Fung, cello

​Borodin String quartet No. 2 in D Major

2010 Winner, Sasha Scolnik-Brower, cello

Dvorak String Quartet Op. 96 "American"

2009 Winner, Malinda McPherson, viola

​Brahms String quintet in G Major, op. 111

2008 Winner, Bobby Chen, cello

Schubert String Quintet, D. 956

2007 Winner, Chloe O'Connell, violin

​Mozart String Quartet in B flat major, KV 458 ​"Hunt"
​“I felt so at home and overjoyed to be playing gorgeous music, surrounded by such receptive and supportive musicians. I don’t know of another competition that focuses on chamber music. It was a wonderful and educational experience!
- Malinda McPherson
​The most memorable part of the experience for me was towards the end of our rehearsals when we started to work on extremely minute and specific details. It was an eye opening rehearsal process that showed how, as a musician, there is always room for improvement, and there is always a "next level" to push yourself to. I am glad that, through the WCP Young Artist's Competition, I was able to push, specifically my chamber music skills, to the next level.
-Sammy Andonian